Thursday, 31 October 2013

Fujitsu Mini-ITX Chassis

Supporting the D3313-S mainboard, this lunchbox sized chassis has incredible expansion options.

This chassis is currently being sold to house the ever popular D3003-S mainboard, but will also suit the faster and more efficient D3313-S. Conveniently the D3313-S will be compatible with this chassis aiding design in and increasing it's popularity.

An example of an extreme setup that would be possible:

  •         Quad Core 2GHz AMD GX-420CA SOC with integrated              Radeon HD 8400E Graphics on D3313-S3 mainboard
  •          16GB 1600MHz Memory
  •          SATA-III SLC SSD
  •          SATA-III SLD mSATA
  •          Mini PCIe Expansion card
  •          PCIe Graphics card with further multiple display output
  •          USB Wi-Fi Card

These parts could all be run together, in this Mini-ITX chassis.

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