Monday, 23 December 2013

Aaeon’s Clever Cooling Solution

Recently released EPIC SBC’s from Aaeon place the CPU and Chipset on the underside of the board... 

With the CPU and chipset mounted to the bottom of the PCB, the heat spreader dissipates heat across a surface area larger than the length of the board itself without adding unnecessary height to the board, making this incredibly slim as well as efficient.
The fanless design with heat spreader means the board can be mounted directly onto a chassis, dissipating heat away from a system instead of circulating around a system. 

This clever design hasn't gone to waste; some of the high end chipsets from both Intel and AMD are among the possible options distributed by RDS, increasing the EPIC form factor boards' application diversity massively. The lineup includes Intel Haswell, Ivy Bridge and Cederview platforms with Bay Trail expected in 2014, along with AMD's G-Series APU and the new SoC (System on Chip) family, (formerly eKabini) too. 

With this wide range of platforms available in a slim package, ask yourself if you have any projects where a slim x86 board could help improve the space available to you? Talk to a member of the team at RDS about a demo and your application requirements today.

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