Friday, 7 August 2015

Review Display Systems expands
embedded portfolio with Embedded
Peripheral Modules from Innodisk

Westerham, Kent  xxxxxx 2015. Review Display Systems (RDS) now offers a full and comprehensive range of Embedded Peripheral Modules from Innodisk. These Embedded Peripheral Modules add flexibility to embedded design with increased configuration and end use options.

Innodisk provides industrial embedded flash and DRAM storage products and technologies, often in space saving form factors. It’s Embedded Peripheral Modules provide additional LAN, serial port, storage and display functionality to embedded systems.

The Modules can be used to expand an industrial motherboard to increase PC connectivity, drive multiple displays or to communicate with more devices, to meet the needs of particular applications.

The portfolio now available from RDS includes the EMXX Series of Mini PCIe boards, based on the PCI Express bus and is available in a wide range of modules providing additional USB, SATA, SD, PATA and Display (VGA, TTL, LVDS, HDMI) connections in industrial PCs, handheld and portable devices. Modules have operating temperature options of 0°Cto 70°C, with selected models also operating at the extended operating range of -40°Cto +85°C.

The EGXX Series addresses the M.2 (NGFF) Intel specification for Ultrabooks and tablets. With SATA III speed limited to 6Gb/s, PCIe based storage devices are capable of a much higher throughput. Although actual speed figures are dependent on driver software and PCIe standard used, in excess of 20MB/s can easily be achieved. There are modules available that support up to four SATA III ports and also to support PCIe 3.0 and USB 3.0. They are particularly suitable for general industrial applications, expanding connectivity and protecting data through built-in RAID functionality in a compact module, measuring 22mm x42mm x11mm (EGS-32R1) and 30mm x42mm x11mm (EGPS-3401).

To expand SATA connectivity and to protect data, the Standard PCIe cards in the ESXX Series offer a choice of modules from PCIe to mSATA and M.2 cards (ESX-2301) to the low profile, PCIe to four PCIe Expansion Card module, the ESPP-2401. Dimensions range from 65mm x 82.4mm x 4mm to 163.65mm x 68.9mm x10.25mm. Operating temperature is 0°C to 70°C, except for the ES4S-2101 (IDE to mSATA and mSATA mini module) which also operates at -40 to +85°C. All modules in the series have a three-year warranty.

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