Tuesday, 15 March 2016

New Gesture Controlled Trackball



NSI presents a brand new technolgy developed by 
Cursor Controls and available soon on request. 
The X50 dashboard module, with integrated gesture
 recognition, provides all of the benefits of the IP68 
waterproof trackball coupled with hand gesture 
recognition in order to complement the trackball’s 
 functionality and streamline user experience.
  • 50 mm trackball dashboard module with integrated gesture recognition 
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Illuminated touch-sensitive buttons 
  • 4 pre-defined gesture modes : scroll, zoom, arrow keys, and carousel
  • Touch sensitive trackball
  • Plug-and-play solution, no additional software/drivers
  • Swipe and air-wheel actions
Swipe gestures are intended for directional, 
single-instance or low-repetition functions such as 
triggering shortcuts or arrow keys, whereas the 
air-wheel gesture is intended for functions requiring 
many repetitions in quick succession such as scroll or
 zoom functions.
Ask us for a demo or for any further information. 
Best regards,

The RDS Team
01959 564 345

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  1. This is a really interesting design. So many companies are focusing on the technology that goes into your device, the stuff that is hidden inside and you never get to see. But this looks at how we communicate and operate that technology. This is a refreshing advancement and it's good to see that there are companies trying something different.

    Raymond @ CKS Global Solutions LTD