Thursday, 9 June 2016

AMT and RDS at Computex Taipei 2016

Computex Taipei and SID Display Week 2016 both wrapped up recently. AMT took advantage of these two exhibitions to display a number of new products and is happy to report on our success on the show floor. We would also like to thank all our customers and good friends who were able to take time out of their busy schedule to visit our booths. It was truly a pleasure seeing you again. This year, AMT's continuing innovation and technical expertise further differentiated its products from the competition. In this issue of AMT News, we will share with you the unique performance of AMT products.
In terms of projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch features, our standard PenMount PCI controller firmware supports both gloved touch operation and advanced water handling modes simultaneously. In fact, one of the highlights of AMTouch USA's SID booth was a AMT 21.5" PCI touch solution featuring a 15mm thick cover lens which supports gloved touch and water handling at the same time. These three superior functions lead competing PCI touch solutions. Our PCI touch products do not have to choose between using "gloved touch operation" and "water handling." In other words, we have integrated "gloves," "water," and "thick glass" to allow our customers to operate a PCI touch panel with a thick cover lens normally while gloved and protected from false touch points caused by water on the PCI touch surface. This is also the utility and convenience in real world environments we have envisioned for our customers. PenMount had integrated these features into one firmware during initial design to facilitate customer adoption and use.

PenMount recently released its latest utility called PenMount PCIUtility. By integrating three current utilities (PCIMSet, PMUpdate, PCIScan), PCIUtility offers a new intuitive interface that facilitates the easy adjustment of commonly used parameters, diagnostics of touch functions, and controller firmware updates. PenMount PCIUtility gives customers unprecedented control at the press of a button. Our utility does not require complex parameter adjustment and can reduce the associated time and resources required of engineers. This kind of increased user-friendliness and interaction allows the simple and convenient setting and adjustment of PCI touch panels.
Review Display systems is the UK leading supplier of AMT touch screens. If you need any information or would like to discuss any new projects you have then please get in touch.
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Daniel Burke
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