Thursday, 23 May 2013

Remote control of i7 boards using iAMT and AAeons' Hi-Manager program

If your application requires the processing power of the i7 and it is intended to operate as a remote device, then using one of AAeons i7 platforms such as the compact Gene ( 3.5 inch) and EPIC format, or the slightly larger Mini ITX format, will mean you can utillise the AAeon Hi-manager program allowing you to remotely manage your product.
The AAeon Hi- manager is based around the Intel Active Management Technology 8.0 and allows remote control of the following functions:

  •  Power Control : Powers on/off the target device
  •  Group Management: Arrange devices in this function
  •  Event Log: Logs boot records of the selected device
  •  Alarm Clock: Sets timer to wake up a sleeping device
  •  Remote Recovery: Mounts boot image or physical CD-Rom to target device
  •  KVM: Controls remotely from the target device
  •  Schedule: Schedules the power on/off of target devices
  • Device Information: Shows Target device assets
  • Network Discovery: AMT device discovery
For further detailed information on how this feature can enhance your products performance in the field contact

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