Friday, 9 August 2013

Capacitive touch optically bonded to a 15” NLT TFT

Optically bonding the high quality Japanese display with this projected-capacitive touch sensor, produced a stunning example of what RDS can offer; this is an assembly which has to be seen.

Boasting 400cd/mand a 600:1 contrast ratio, NLT’s NL10276BC30-34D is an impressive and popular panel on its own. RDS have constructed a demo of this high-end panel and topped it off with a black bordered multi-touch capacitive touchscreen which has been mated utilizing optical bonding technology.

This example just scratches the surface on what panel and touchscreen combinations we offer, the massive amount of options would make this post extremely long. Feel free to contact RDS to arrange a viewing of this demo or to discuss other possibilities.

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