Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Prototype Sandy Bridge Server

Incorporating an i5-2400, 8GB 1333MHz DDR3, 64GB SLC SSD on an industrial Fujitsu D3076-S1 mainboard produced a 2U rack mount server with some serious horsepower.

With this server we paired a 3100MHz quad core CPU with an industrial grade SLC SSD which lead to a blazingly fast user experience, booting to Windows 7 desktop in around 15 seconds and loading applications in a flash. Of course, an industrial grade server has a lot more potential than booting into an OS, we selected this CPU in our build to provide outstanding performance in single and multi-threaded applications especially when the maximum Turbo Boost speed of 3.4GHz is utilized.

  • The real potential comes from the D3076-S1 Fujistu mother board:
  • ·         LGA 1155 Supporting Sandy Bridge i7 CPU
  • ·         2xSATAIII, 4xSATAII
  • ·         2xPCIe x16 Slots (Running at x16 and x4), 1xPCIe x8
  • ·         4 PCI Slots
  • ·         12xUSB 2.0
  • ·         8bit GPIO
  • ·         Dual Gigabit LAN

 With the expansion this mainboard has to offer, the components we used in this prototype are definitely something to build upon. As a guide to the systems capabilities PassMark Performance Test 8.0 was ran on the system.

The combination of raw power with an industrial roadmap makes this board a perfect option for power users who need real reliability for their application. For More information on this build, or any of the components used in the build feel free to comment on this post or contact info@review-displays.co.uk for more information.

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