Tuesday, 4 June 2013

NLT integrates its own PCAP touch technology on NLT TFT displays.

In response to industrial requirements, NLT is increasing its focus on providing Industrial display Solutions. Development areas include long life backlights now up to 100k hours, vibration tolerant designs, high bright backlights and integrated touch sensors with and without optical bonding.
Through 2013 they plan to introduce a range of displays with integrated PCAP touch screens, screen sizes will be from 6.5inch through to 12.1 inch as standard products. All will be fitted with a one glass PCAP sensor ensuring the units are thin and as light as possible.
Also there will be two options on how the sensor is bonded to the display panel, for normal applications the sensor will be bonded to the bezel with an air gap between the sensor and the TFT front glass. For applications in high ambient light, the sensors can be optically bonded to the panel. This is where the air gap is filled with a material of a similar refractive index to the glass. This reduces the reflections from each air/glass surface (normally around 4%) thereby increasing the readability of the display.
The touch interface is via USB connection and a range of support tools are also supplied to help tune the sensor for the application.

For further information contact Thomastuxen@review-displays.co.uk

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