Thursday, 11 July 2013

AAEON: product compliance with Intel Intelligent Systems Framework
AAEON has been recognized for its products’ compliance with Intel’s Intelligent Systems Framework (ISF). ISF is a standard for computing components introduced to create a set of inter-operable solutions designed to address connecting, managing, and securing devices and data in a consistent and scalable manner. It is able to reduce fragmentation by scaling across applications and bring together operating systems, tools and hardware in one ecosystem.
According to Intel, the ISF creates a set of interoperable solutions that can scale across applications and bring together the hardware, OSs and software that enable these devices to be remotely managed and provide useful analytics on the data that is being collected by these systems. This framework consists of profiles assigned to devices that outline a set of constituents for integration, with Intel providing a level of integration testing and validation to ensure that components can interoperate, as expected. If the components pass these tests, they then can be designated as ISF ready under the assigned profile.
This new approach has the potential to lower deployment costs, simplify integration and enable new and innovative services. The resultant effects on vertical markets will be that Machine (M2M), Internet of Things, and Big Data become more manageable for system operators and developers. Intel is working with system integrators and vendors such as AAEON along with software developers to create Cloud-to-Device services that use the ISF as its foundation.
AAEON’s Intel Intelligent Systems Framework readiness can be exemplified by these selected products, which offer a full spectrum of system wide connectivity and ease of integration. The FWS-7810 for instance, is a 1U Network Appliance featuring Intel Xeon E3-1200 v3 Series Processor with the Intel C226 Chipset. The FSW-7810 has been validated by Intel as being compliant with Intelligent Systems Framework 1.05 Gateway Profile requirements, and will be listed on the Intelligent Solutions Alliance Solutions directory as “Intelligent Systems Framework Ready”. In addition, AAEON has released several other ISF Client approved boards including the COM-QM87, a Type 6 COM Express CPU module with its 4th Generation Intel Core processor and mobile Intel QM87 Express chipset, offering low-power and enhanced graphics power over the previous COM Express CPU modules, the 3.5” GENE-QM87 fully functional single board computer, the IMBA-Q87A ATX industrial motherboard also powered by a 4th Generation Intel Core CPU, and the EMB-QM87A Mini-ITX form factor board with a 4th Generation Intel Core i7/i5 processor. These new ISF certified boards feature Intel vPro technology, which delivers unprecedented hardware support for vital security and management functions. For the Edge Profile, AAEON offers the ISF-ready GENE-TC05, an industrial temperature range single board computer powered by an Intel E620T to E680T processor.
For AAEON, these embedded ISF ready products represent the continued effort towards creating solution-centred products based on Intel architecture that can be used as modular building blocks in a highly integrated and interoperable real-time computing environment across a broad range of its client’s applications.

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